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A poem to my son

I wrote this poem, last year (2019) and stumbled across it again when I was looking back through my phone. I would never of had the confidence to post it last year. It's something that I use to just write into the note section of my phone after a bad day, before I went to bed to help release some of my thoughts. Something that I knew I could look back on and remember how I felt back then, and can look towards now and how much we have grown on our journey. I hope you enjoy this poem, it's from the heart. ———————————————————— ❤️My son ❤️ When you rest your chest on my head, I listen to your heart beat and wonder if you love the things I do. When you hold my hand, I wonder if a touch feels the same way to you. When you look at me, I wonder if you see the things I can see. When I speak to you, I wonder if the words mean the same to you as they do me. When you sleep I wonder if you dream about the day gone by, Or if you wonder who paints those rainbows in the sky. I wonder if the sun & the rain feels the same on your skin. Or if the air feels the same when you breath in. I wonder if you know how much your smile makes my day. Or how I love the words we don’t always have to say. All these things I am left to wonder about, makes life more magical with you. My son, my amazing son.. I will always love & cherish you ❤️🌈

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