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“A little me”

Wow what beautiful bank holiday weather we had been blessed with ☀️. The sun definitely helps us to feel more energetic.

Taking about energy, something I have picked up on recently is Harry’s increased energy and hyperactivity. He has also become very vocal, in the sense of the volume of his voice.

I’ve noticed it more around the house but especially on outings. He seems to lose focus quickly and becomes a big ball of energy. Seeking me out to release it more.

I had believed it could be linked to being Prepubescent and his body preparing for the changes ahead. But I would say he is struggling at times to regulate himself and this is reflected in the burnout. He is having a large quantity of hyperactivity, then suddenly a big burn out and sometimes emotional too. I’ve also noticed I have become apart of his stim, he will seek me to do the same routine which includes me repeating a sequence in order (such as words then tickling) and it brings him comfort.

I am one for very much letting Harry lead as he wishes and instead offering support and advice when needed. But I could see this pattern that was emerging was getting difficult for him to manage. So I decided yesterday to ask him in a tactful way about his energy levels and how he was feeling. As I knew it wasn’t something he may bring up.

Which went;

Me: Harry I’ve noticed your body is more active than usual, do you feel like you have more energy?

Harry: I don’t think it’s because I have more energy, I think it’s the little me inside.

Me; Ok thank you for sharing that, may I ask what little me is?

Harry: I’m finding it harder now I’m older to be like my friends. I try a lot at school to keep little me in, because it’s not how my friends would act.

Me; ok, so how does little me act?

Harry: Bouncy, giggly like I want to shout and jump around, especially with others.

Me; Ok Harry, is it hard to manage that at


Harry; Yes because they are more grown up now mum. It’s sad as I think their little me, has got lost.

Me; I can see how you’re describing things Harry, this must be difficult for you, thank you for sharing. I will think of ways to help.

Harry; What will it take for little me to grow up?

Me; I don’t think it needs to grow up Harry, it’s about finding a balance between the two. So big me and little me both, can be together in every part of the day.

Harry; I’d like that very much mum, I hope my friends know it’s ok to find their little me again. ❤️

Gosh 🥹 I mean I totally get what he means. He must be very aware of how his peers are to him, I wonder how much time he has reflected on it to give it a name. Hopefully 🙏🏻 together we can get a happy medium, I had noticed he was extra energetic with me. With people commenting that he is bouncing off me, I think he just feels safe to exhert it around me. Plus I often join in with him when we are out, as I can see he needs it. I don’t want him to think that having a little me is a bad thing.

Maybe we all need to take a leaf out of his book and let it all out ❤️

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