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9 months wasn’t enough to get to know you ♥️🌈

When I carried you and felt your tiny kicks in my tummy, I thought I already knew you and the person you were going to be.

9 months of growing every part of you, gave me time to think about what the future would look like for you.

But as you entered the world and I cradled you in my arms. You knew you had your own mark to make on this life.

As you grew, you became more then I ever knew. I hadn’t read about this chapter in the books on the shelf.

But I was about to find out the wonders of you, the things you cannot read about in books but only experience together.

You showed me the hidden wonders mapped in your mind. The real art of living evolved in front of my eyes.

Because maybe we had been living life wrong, and you knew the secret to being truly happy came from being the purest form of yourself .

But for me Happiness comes from you and is shared by your love.

I am forever blessed to be given the most amazing gift of all, 9 months I grew my own superhero, one I hadn't prepared to meet. Yet one I could only dream of being a mum too.

Forever my rainbow 🌈

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