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Worry Jail

Worry Jail

This file I created to help with processing worries, this visual can be used two ways. Either to lock in a worry that they dont want to porocess right that instance, or to lock away a worry that they have processed to symbolise that it has been dealt with.

 The idea behind both ways is the same, with the exception of how the individual wants to process the worry. 


How it works

Firstly get the individual to write or draw their worry into the thought bubble, then cut out the jail bars and get the individual to place the bars over the thought bubble. This is to visualise the worry being locked away, it is then upto the individual to release the worry when they feel comfortable to. You could cut the bars out and laminate them like shown in the image above, or simply just cut out the jail bars and place over.

  • Licence information

    This visual is a free download and is only avaliable at 

    This visual is not to be reproduced for profit.

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