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Saturn Infinite card

Saturn Infinite card

I created this file in conjuction with World Autism week. This features  a new design created by me for 2023, the infinity planet (Saturn).

There are two cards on 1 sheet, both featuring the design along with text. 


"I am infinite" & "You are infinite" the idea is the cards can be coloured in helping aid relaxtion during wind down times. But also these cards can have written  inside why the individual feels infinite? what makes them feel powerful? Or alternatively for the "You are infinite" card you can detail inside what makes the individual infinite? What makes them powerful? 


Then the cards can act as a keepsake/ reminder during the hard days, that they are amazing.

  • Licence information

    This file was created by as a free downloadable. This file can only be downloaded from this website and must not be reproduced for profit.

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