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Emotions checklist

Emotions checklist

This file I created to help with emotions and what maybe needed in each situation to help. The difference with this printable being the individual can fold the tab over, after doing each of the recommended things on the tab. 

This can help aid regulation for the individual but also help to understand what is needed to bring them to a calmer state. Also ideal for children who prefer space to being around others, this can help them to still understand what to do whilst on their own.


How it works;

* Print out the resource.

* Cut around each rectangle box ensuring to keep the 3 tabs attached to each picutre.

* Cut along the black line of each tab,stopping when you reach the edge of the picutre box. DO NOT CUT THE TAB OFF.  (Like shown in the pictures above)

* Fold over each tab, so they cover the picture box.

* Draw a yes or a tick on the back of each tab.

* Either laminate each emotion checklist or cover in cellotape to help make them durable.

* Once done fold the tabs over again to help secure the crease.

* Either use hook & loop tape to help the tabs to be stuck down once item has been checked off, or use bluetac instead to help them stick down.


(Photo above of how they look once they have been created)

  • Licence information

    This resource is only available at 

    It is for sole user download only, and is not to be reproduced for profit. It is also not to be shared on any other website. This resource was created using Widgit online© 2002-2024 using climbing the rainbows commercial licence. The widgit symbols© contained in these printables remain copyrighted to widgit.

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