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Pocket Love Hug

Pocket heart hug ❤️

So Jessica really has been struggling this week, I asked her what was wrong and she said she really misses me when she is at school. She often does have strong attachment to me, and I often say how she is my second shadow. But I dont like the thought of her being sad at school.

So I created this pocket heart using:

•Felt • Cotton wool ball

• A needle & thread.

What I did was add my perfume to the cotton wool ball. Just one spray is enough, and let it soak whilst I drew two love hearts on some felt both the same size.

I then added the cotton wool ball into the middle of the love hearts and sewed them up. (I’m not the best at sewing, but it does the trick).

The idea is whenever she misses me, she gives the heart a little squeeze and she will be able to smell my scent.

You could do this with any scent, and make lots of different ones, and store them in a organza bag. Because they only need to be big enough to fit in the palm of their hand.

I better make more as I know Harry will want one too haha.

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