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Halloween crafts

Halloween crafts 🎃

So I had another idea, just like my napkin one 🫣. But this time dip dye T-shirts.

This is a really cheap but a really fun craft for all ages.

All you need is:

•Plain white T-shirts

• Tissue paper (mines from b&m) £1.99 for 20 sheets.

• Napkin (optional)

• Glitter glue (optional)

Here’s how to do it;

If you want just to dip dye your shirt then.

1.) add coloured tissue paper to a bowl of water.

2.) let tissue paper soak in water for 20 mins

3.) Drain tissue paper off and remove from bowl.

4.) Add t-shirt to bowl and leave for an hour (make sure t-shirt is covered by water)

5.) After an hour remove t-shirt and rinse under cold water until the water of t-shirt runs clear.

6.) leave your dry and voila there you have it.

(Tips- you can make patterns using elastic bands to seperate parts. Also by blowing on the t-shirt with the coloured tissue paper water)

If you want to add a napkin image (like my jubilee one).

Simply cut the napkin to size, peel off the back white layer (like in my photo) and stick to t-shirt using glitter glue or PVA. Ensuring you pop some over the top of the napkin too secure it too.

How to do the tissue paper transfer image.

1.) Trace image onto your tissue paper.

2.) place cardboard inside t-shirt before the next part, to protect the back.

3.) Pop image onto t-shirt and using a sponge litely Dab over the tissue paper.

4.) once image has been covered, peel away tissue paper to reveal your design.

5.) Leave to dry and Voila there you have it.

I would love to see your creations, such a budget friendly fun idea. We are kinda hooked and love our bright coloured tees.

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