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College update

Hi everyone how are you? 🌈

I’ve been slightly under the weather. But I thought I’d do an update on my college progression.

Today I had my LSA meeting (learning support advisor) to identify any needs I may have ahead of my maths exams.

So that extra time could be granted for me. Because as I’ve stated before my tutor has noticed some areas within my learning.

I was pretty nervous going into a room to talk about myself, I felt slightly vulnerable and part of it was discussing how I found school.

That dreaded feeling comes over, where you have tried hard to run from things but eventually they catch up with you. I always knew when I went back to learn at college, that I had to face up to these such things. But also that I was tired of not accepting me, and I needed to be honest to myself and admit that I do have my struggles. Also that my learning needs to be tailored differently this time.

As you may all of seen, I’ve really taken a step to be honest with you all too about me. ❤️

Today during the LSA meeting, I had to partake in a few assessments. These were number and word based, that calculated by a score sheet my processing speed to the things I hear and see.

Subconsciously I have known for a while that I do indeed struggle, I also skim read text and have to reread things several times before I take in the information. I’m good at hyper focusing on things that gain my interest but struggle in other aspects.

After the assessment the scores came in, and I scored below the marker for my processing speed. Which showed I present difficulties in information processing.

The scores I achieved also show that it could be highly linked to dyslexic & dyscalculia along with ADHD. Which as I’ve stated before I am awaiting an assessment for ADHD.

It didn’t come as a shock to me I’ll be honest, although I must admit I was tearful. I guess I just felt a little sad for school me.

I do believe how I am, has given me ability to connect and understand Harry & Jess. Because I see myself in each of them and know what they may need to help.

My friend today said to me after I told her “But maybe if you would of known before, you would of applied strategies that were told to you by people who don’t live being you. But finding you, has taught you ways to adapt and you are passing it on to others and now you know, this is the real Mel”.

I guess she is right ❤️

I know I’ve never been great with practical work. But I am creative, and can look at things and just know how to turn them into wonderful creations.

Mostly I am empathetic and understanding to others, and a lot of people come to me for help. Also a lot of children gravitate towards me, and I adore this.

I think I need a little reminder to be gentle with myself too.

(Shameless selfie pic at the sunrise last week, as I don’t often pop a pic of me on here)

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