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Brain Fog

Today I’m having a lot of brain fog 😶‍🌫️

I think it’s because the events of the last few weeks, that has mentally & physically drained me. Sometimes my body seems to plow me through and then when the dust has settled slightly, is when my brain just releases all that has been built up.

During these episodes, I get conscious of others around me and how I am perceived.

I feel I kinda over stay my welcome around people. As I end up trying to be too chatty, because I try to just deflect away from issues that are going on and talk to people about general stuff, and then the random stuff that just suddenly enters my brain but doesn’t make sense or is out of context.

As sometimes I wanna just talk and be seen as me & not just mum me. I’m also conscious of the fact people can often ignore/avoid my presence, incase I have a “problem”.

But also because I can often be quiet and withdrawn during the hard weeks. People are then often taken off guard by me wanting to randomly chat, or maybe they assume I just wanna talk about what’s going on in our life, and they have nothing in common with me.

But the truth is, I don’t really share how I feel or what’s really going on to other people. I have seen others do that and how it is then perceived by people who don’t understand.

If anyone asks I will say “it’s just a hard week or day” I don’t tend to share much more then that only to a select few people.

I do however share my thoughts here with you all though, as well as our hardships because I know it can help you and make you feel less alone.

Brain fog 😶‍🌫️ isn’t something many of us talk about though. Or the subconscious thoughts that can creep in during this time. But I’m here to just say, despite what our brain may have us believe at times. You are doing a great job and I do understand how lonely it can be too.

But all thoughts & feelings are welcome here ❤️ this will always be a safe space.

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