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Fruit & vegetables of the same kind can change quite dramatically in taste & appearance. You are not guaranteed to get two blueberries the same or grapes for that matter. Just as you are not guaranteed to get two carrots the same in colour, texture or maybe even taste.

This makes these foods unpredictable.

Have you ever eaten something that you normally would eat, except this time it didn’t taste quite right. Has that ever put you off eating the same thing again for a little while?

I know I have and sometimes I can still recall the taste of these things that I didn’t like, even though it was a while ago it just lingers in your mind.

You may hear people comment in relation to autistic individuals meals, and talking about having what is referred to as “safe foods”.

Foods that taste the same each time, and that bring comfort to the individual, as they know they are able to enjoy something they like without worrying about any hidden extras.

Referring back to when I talked about our senses on Facebook page, and how I posted about our taste, and that eating is a mulit-sensory activity which means that many of our senses are used in order for us to help understand the food we are eating.

I mentioned that we have the most amount of tactile receptors in our mouths. Food can therefore be responded to regarding it’s texture.

So imagine having sensory sensitivity in eating, and how your body may respond to these different textures and tastes.

It would definitely make me, refuse a lot of these options (fruit & veg) if I knew I was taking a lucky gamble on if it would taste the same as the last one I ate.

Many parents & carers of children with additional needs feel really deflated and judged when it comes to their children and food. Being a parent is hard enough, without carrying these extra feelings & opinions from others.

Sometimes when you start to read between the lines more and adapt to understand not all children are the same. It opens your mind and you start to learn and not be so quick to judge others. I always say when parents talk to me about this is “A fed child is a fed child” Do not get caught up on worrying about what that food is.

I will talk more about food and things I have done with Harry to help aid some of his intake in another post. But for now just know you are all doing a grand job 🌈❤️

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